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Editing gene to counter HIV passes safety test
The experiment was a pilot study, meant to test safety, not efficacy. It found that immune cells could be altered, and that doing so did not harm patients. The gene editing also seemed to help fight the infection in some cases, but the findings are …
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US safety regulators probe GM recall linked to 13 deaths
(REUTERS) – U.S. safety regulators have opened an investigation into whether General Motors Co reacted fast enough in its recall of more than 1.6 million cars over an ignition-switch defect linked to 13 deaths in crashes. The issue could prove costly …
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Pedestrian safety on Providence's Federal Hill takes giant step forward
… Knight streets, the heart of the Hill's commercial district. The news prompted a series of superlatives from Hassett, who has declared himself born-again on the subject of traffic safety since his accident: “Unprecedented,” he said. “Impressive …
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Viewpoints: New microstamping law comes at the expense of improving

Viewpoints: New microstamping law comes at the expense of improving
What the Legislature actually did was ban the innovation and stop the continuous improvement of today's manufacturing processes that would otherwise enhance firearms safety and other functionality. Compounding the problem is the state attorney general …
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Newspaper Investigation Questions Oil Field Safety
Injury claims, government data and public records of oil field accidents since the start of the onshore drilling and fracking boom in 2007 show the federal government failed to implement safety standards and procedures, according to a Houston Chronicle …
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Metro-North needs billions to address safety, repairs while commuters' faith flags
He said enhanced safety measures will mean that many trains will take a few more minutes to reach their final destinations when new schedules come out in May. But Giulietti said that will help people feel confident once more that they will get where …
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