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DCF Shift Puts Children's Safety At Risk

DCF Shift Puts Children's Safety At Risk
The state's reliance on an unproven money-saving system, which keeps children — who are alleged victims of maltreatment — in their homes, raises questions about their safety and appears to contribute to worsening treatment of children under the …
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Our editorial (Nov. 17, http://thegazette.com/2013/11/17/kids-games/) reviewed recent national research and raised questions about whether the expansion of organized youth sports has been a positive experience for children. The researchers found cause …
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Plans finalized for Safety City work
Plans finalized for Safety City work. What is Safety City? Safety City is a child-sized replica of Longview, including 16 small buildings, child-sized roads, intersections with working traffic signals, a railroad crossing with a signal and an overpass …
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